2013 Toyota Overdrive Hallspeed Rally Race Truck

    €160.000,00( Fixed Price )

    Montreal, QC, Canada



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    1. RACE CAR:

    This car was built by Overdrive / Hallspeed in 2013. It was fully updated by Overdrive at their latest specs in March 2014 at their facilities in Belgium and meets all FIA requirements. It has a 5 liter Lexus engine and includes all the Overdrive/Hallspeed Dakar and Rally experience under its hood. Since then, the car did only 3 races (NORRA 1000, 2015 Dakar and 2016 Silkway). The motor has a total of 24800km including testing, liaisons, Selective Specials and it is in mint condition. The car is ready to race.

    This car is manufactured for closed course competition use only.

    Toyota Overdrive Dakar Rally Raid History Ranking with Professional Drivers

    ·         2009: 4th and 5th General

    ·         2012: 3 and 5th General

    ·         2013: 2nd and 10th General

    ·         2014: 4th and 7th General

    ·         2015: 2nd and 6th General


    ·         Engine: 8 Cylinder Toyota 5L V8, Capacity: 5000 cc, Performance 375HP, 580Nm (37mm Restrictor), Top speed approx. 185 km/h

    ·         TRANSMISSION: Gearbox Sadev 6 speed sequential, Clutch AP Racing Sinter metallic, Differentials Overdrive/Hallspeed

    ·         BODY: Tubular Chassis in Carbon-Kevlar Overdrive/Hallspeed

    ·         BRAKE SYSTEM: Front Power brake 6 Piston Rear Power brake 6 Piston

    ·         TIRES: 4 Rims Evo Corse 4 Tires Michelin Latitude C

    ·         SPARE WHEELS: 2 Including Michelin Latitude C tires

    ·         SUSPENSION: Front Independent from Suspension with 250 mm travel and Reiger Dampers. Rear 4 Link suspensions with 300mm travel and Reiger Dampers.

    ·         MEASUREMENTS: Length 4800 mm, Width 2000 mm, Height 1750 mm, Empty weight approx. 1937 kg (FIA Minimum), Wheel base 2900 mm, Track width 1815 mm

    ·         COLOR: White

    ·         TRIPMASTER: 2 Easytrip by ETRF


    ·         FEV TANK: FT3 Safety tank Fuel capacity 500 litre

    ·         ONBOARD JACK SYSTEM: Hydraulic onboard Overdrive/Hallspeed

    ·         EXTRAS:

    o   Car A/C Overdrive special A/C driven at the torque tube level

    o   2nd alternator same as OEM alternator but mounted on torque tube

    o   Emergency kit shelve between the cabin back wall and rear radiator ducking

    o   On board spares supports specially made supports for: A-arm, tie-rod, sand plates, spare alternator, half shaft, throttle pedal, etc… See picture link for more details

    o   ARB compressor Works in conjunction with scuba tank

    o   More driver leg room Modified for a driver up to 195cm (6’5”)

    o   Stilo communication system, second back up system with Bluetooth.

    o   Music, iPod connector for music in Stilo communication system.



    4. PRICING:

    ·         Car only € 197000

    ·         In-car equipment € 3500

    ·         Spare parts new 90% of Overdrive listed price

    ·         Spare parts good but used 70% of Overdrive listed price

    Overdrive cars have a very good race reputation and are built using a tremendous amount of experience. I am absolutely convinced you will be satisfied with this vehicle. The below video features the ALDO Racing Toyota Overdrive in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nshVktyulWM


    Patrick Beaulé ALDO Racing Team Manager pbeaule@aldogroup.com +1-514-465-1368