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For Sale: 02/2016 BRAND NEW built DS3R3Tmax, FULL SPEC, floced Dashboard and doorpanels, ANTI SCRATCH Side Windows FIA homologated ! Monit with GPRS, STILO INTERCOM, Codrivers Footrest with washer tank and Monit buttons Schroth Slip Stop harnesses and ATECH Seats new fabrication date, FT3 fuel tank valid 2019, Built on highest Standard, very clean, ready to Rallye inc. street legal papers. Car comes with 5x brand new wheels and Michelin tyres plus 5x used alloy wheels. XENON Nightface included ! No spare package because we have a small used second DS3R§max and a DS3R3 whitch could be bought as an alternative. The other max has been built 02/2016 and has runned only 360sskm without any damage or Problems. Intake / Exchange + cash  for R5 possible.