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Maik Stölzel


Porsche 997 GTS



Maik Stölzel

  • : 004917622686885

Porsche 997 GTS spec Rally Group N (GT) first registration: 09/2006 kilometers: 14630 engine and gearbox revision 2000 km ago suspension: Proflex cell: FFSA Fia Group N gearbox ratio: 8:32 Vmax 225 km/h differantial lock: Porsche Motorsport clutch: Porsche Motorsport (Sachs) three plates 85% lock, new in 2017 brake pads: Carbon Lorraine RC6, new in 2017 exhaust: M&M Germany Race Exhaust including heat protection, new in 2017 private sell, no declared tax Please contact by…Read more…