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Citroen DS3R3max

€76.000,00 16.11.2017

R1 / R2 / R3 / R4

Gropp Racing

  • : 00491704084733

1x DS3R3max, built 2016 fresh serviced suspension. Fuel tank, seats and harnesses valid 2020 NEVER HAD ANY ACCIDENT ! November 2017 : BRAND NEW ENGINE AND GEARBOX 0km ! Not rebuilt ! FULL SPEC, with floced dash and doorpanels, special, homologated anti scratch sidewindows comes with 12 used wheels with michelins R11 & R21 and nightface german registration with KFP ! More pics on request. Spareparts available, also second car.Read more…


Opel Adam R2 2016

€50.000,00 16.11.2017

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  • : 00436643709823

Full spec february 2016 tarmac car chassis number 127 2771 kilometers since new engine 791 km since rebuild gearbox 289 km since rebuild clutch 339 km since new driveshafts 791 km since rebuild Car comes with 8 X Tarmac Rims, lightpod and cornerlightsRead more…


Opel Adam R2

€58.000,00 16.11.2017

R1 / R2 / R3 / R4

Riku Seppä

  • : 00358408344438

Opel Adam R2 for sale New car 12/2016, car driving 1360SS/km, gravel spec. *Engine driving 843SS/km *Gearbox after service 133SS/km *Very good condition, never crashed Price ingluding 10pcs gravel rims, 12pcs snow rims, extra lights.Read more…


Mitsubishi Evo IX R4

€29.900,00 09.11.2017

R1 / R2 / R3 / R4

Botka Team

  • : 0036706069025

For sale Mitsubishi Evo IX R4 Speclist: -Engine Pectel and diff controller and Motec display -Misi (Hungarian ) Dog Box -Ralliart diffs front -Brembo handbrake and brake balance adjuster -Lightweight body with Custom Cages -Extinguishing systems -Serial suspension -serial brake -Brembo big brakes front and rear ( extra 4500 € )Read more…



€100.000,00 02.11.2017

    G-FORCE PROTO NEW LINE-2 (BARS-2) is a sports car manufactured by “stable” engineer, designer and PMN Boris Gadasin. This project is in many respects ahead of the factory machines.  *The team of “SUPROTEC” on the same machine won CHR -2017! (Novikov A., Rudskoy A., B. Gadasin)   FEATURES: Completely original design.Read more…



€59.900,00 01.11.2017

07/2016 built from DS3R3 with full conversion original KIT DS3 R3T MAX, 1100 SSkm from new complet MAX engine (new engine with turbo, wires, sensors etc) 1100 SSkm from last rebuilding gearbox, driveshafts 150 SSkm (new final drive), for all changed parts we have documents. Tarmac Spec. – now from serviced! LED lampod, Color white with yellow design by foil. Only on tarmac SS drived.Read more…


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Audex Motorsport

  • : +491737000474

We are one of the most successful Adam R2 – Teams in Europe. In the last season our cars win the Division 5 of the German ADAC Rally Masters and we win the ERC-Liepaja-Rally in front of the factory cars. We rent out our Adam R2, for all kinds of Rallies in Europe. The car is in tarmac or gravel spec with all updates.Read more…


Opel Adam R2 2016

€52.000,00 18.10.2017

R1 / R2 / R3 / R4


  • : 00436643709823

Full spec February 2016 tarmac car chassis number 127 2771 kilometers since brand new, engine 791 kilometers since rebuild, gearbox 289 kilometers since rebuild, clutch 339 km since new, driveshafts 791 kilometers since new, car comes with 8 x tarmac rims, lightpod and cornerlights,Read more…