Subaru Impreza 22B


    Vicenza, Italien



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    The legendary 22B was born in 1998, intended to celebrate two major events in Subaru history—the brand had just turned 40 years old and it had claimed three back-to-back World Rally Championship constructors’ titles (’95, ’96, and ’97).

    Subaru bestowed 400 Japanese-market Imprezas, followed by 16 U.K. versions, five Aussie models, and three prototypes.

    The cars adopted the racy scooped bonnet, rally-spec bumpers, a massive rear wing, and fender flares that pushed the cars outward by three inches. In fact, the only visual mark separating these from their rally cousins is perhaps a “555” racing livery… and those gorgeous gold BBS wheels.

    They drive about as fast (and as hard) as they look too. Under that lid lives a Subaru EJ22 flat-four engine — a pumped-up 2.2-liter version of the EJ20 — complete with forged pistons, a big turbocharger, and an intercooler on top.

    Subaru claims they made 276 horsepower from the factory, their zero to 60 mph (0-96 kmh) sprint of four and a half seconds suggests they made more.

    The car is located in the North of Italy, it is in pristine conditions, it has German documents and can be seen and tested on appointment