Driver & Team-Equipment

Service truck Mercedes Actros 6×6

€80.000,00 06.01.2019

Year of production: 2005 Mileage: 222000 km The car was originally designed as a service truck for racing and haven’t used out of racing (the odometer haven’t been rolled back) Prepeared by TIBAU TEAM   Cab: Air conditioner Cruise control One sleeping berth Full power accessories Body fitting: 4 tanks for sports fuel for 1700 l Water tank – 380 l Сompressed air pump Electric generator – Mosa230V 5kVt   Canopy interior: Water press Steel nippers… Read more…


Service truck SCANIA R440 6×4

€160.000,00 06.01.2019

Year of production: 2013Mileage: 103000 km The car was originally designed as a service truck for racing and haven’t used out of racing (the odometer haven’t been rolled back)   Cab: High driver’s cabin Air condition Independent cab heater Cruise control Automatic shift  Two sleeping berths Full power accessories   Canopy and specialty-equipment Canopy size 8500x2450x2200 Walls – sandwich panel All steel elements are galvanized. Read more…


G-Force Bars 3

€230.000,00 06.01.2019

Year of production: 2016. Rollcage: entirely tubular. Body: carbon – kevlar. Dry weight: 2000 kg (minimum weight in compliance with FIA2018 technical regulations). Engine: DODGE V10 8.3 litres (in compliance with FIA 2015-2018 technical regulations). Power: 390 bhp at 3650 rpm (with air restrictor 37 mm). Maximum torque: 819 Nm at 3200 rpm, 800 Nm at 1900 rpm (with air restrictor 36 mm). Engine control: MoTeC M800 computer with MoTeC colour display. Read more…


New rear axle saxo kit car

€2.000,00 08.12.2018

Sell a complete new rear axle saxo kit because everything is new with real citroen sport parts 3-way shock absorbers   VMS carbon supports competition discs new kit car, supports and calipers alcon with pads nine bars asphalt 6 new bearings and bolts assembly VMS competition possible sale without brakes and shocks on a picture there are 280mm discs of C2 S1600 , this is possible   price: 2000 € contact: Read more…


20 L. Benzin Kannister Edelstahl

€99,00 07.09.2018



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20 liter Kanister in Edelstahl mit Schraubverschluss, sowie einschraubaren Ausgiesser und entlueftungsschraube,   Perfect fuer Rennbenzin, Ethanol, Av-gas etc. oder andere streibstoffe, oder auch trinkwasser da rostfrei,   Sonderpreis: 99,00 Euro /Stck. bei abnahme von einem karton 4 stck. Read more…


Vendo / Troco Clio Maxi (réplica)

€13.000,00 04.03.2018


carlos leão

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Vendo / Troco – Renault Clio Maxi (Réplica) – Motor 2000cc com 182cv (Clio RS) – Caixa de Carretos Direitos (grupo A / RMC / Nova) – Autoblocante Discos (RMC) – Embreagem Bronze – Quick-Shift – Redutor de Direção (1:2) – Baquets Homologadas (Sparco / 2021) – Sintos 6 Pontos Homologados (RRS / 2021) – Jantes 17“ (OZ Racing / 4) – Suspenção Bilstein B16 (Frente / Regulaveis em Altura e Dureza / Revistas) –… Read more…