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Renaul Clio 2 RS Ragnotti

€9.500,00 29.01.2019

Rally Cars For rent


  • : +40740612692

Clio 2 RS Ragnotti built from a 0km body, former Group N, but now built as Group A or F2000, homologated rollbar, never heavily crashed, only done circuit race and asphalt rally, sprint. Motor has 179hp. Gearbox is a dogbox with Sadev gears, short final drive and LSD differential, revised 80km ago, reinforced driveshafts. New racing clutch, 80km. Suspension is Bilstein, revised 80km ago. Reinforced front and rear axles. Read more…


for sale Renault Clio sport gr. N

€11.000,00 29.07.2018

Group A / Group N


  • : +420722702586

I buy the Clio sport I bought 3 years ago as a semi-finished product.   The whole car was shuffling and puzzling. New driveshafts, I have spare parts with hinges, new bearings, bumpers, hubs, brakes, pins, silentblocks, racing clutch (races).   All homologated and unspoiled. Mist or free cups, sports card. All refills, a full tank of gasoline, twelve wheels of racing tires, no semi-cars were replaced. Footlights. Read more…


Nissan 350Z GT+RGT

€55.000,00 09.09.2017

Rally Cars For rent


  • : 06 49 67 67 92

François PERROUSE vend Nissan 350 Z GT+ 360 CV au banc ex: Fontalbana, championne d’Espagne passeport GT+ et fiches d’homologation caisse Nissan Espagne soudée arceau cage multi-points amortisseurs 3 voies révisés ressorts neuf gros disque avant sur bol flottant neuf étriers avant 6 pistons révisés gros disque sur bol flottant neuf étriers arrière 4 pistons neuf gros trains avant et arrière sur rotules révisés frein à main hydraulique boîte à vitesse séquentielle QUAIFE révisée gestion… Read more…