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Peugeot 208 R2

€16.000,00 13.07.2018

R1 / R2 / R3 / R4


  • : 00351 911599342

Peugeot 208 R2 Engine 920 SS Km Gearbox 0 Km, after revision Lamp pod Spare springs, stabilizators air cooling for brakes Additional clutch tank Cuvettes for feet Additional engine fan Brake temperature sensor xenon lamp pod Chassis covers (from gravel KIT) Standard rims 4 pcs KIT asphalt: + extra soft springs, + extra soft stabilizer Ready to race and very good condition! Read more…


Citroen DS3 R3 Max

€46.000,00 05.07.2018

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  • : 04916097236742

We have available for sale Citroen DS3 R3 Max, car build in 2015. Running in German Championship 2017, winning car. Engine: 1500Kms Gearbox: 150Kms Hydraulic Unit: 150Kms More details and pictures upon request. Car is located in Stuttgart, Germany. Read more…


Renault Clio R3 Maxi Evo

€62.500,00 04.06.2018

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  • : 00351924371839

For sale, Renault Clio R3 Maxi Evo maintained regardless of costs. Huge spare parts including another engine and 12 tarmac rims, original Lâmp pod and much more(used and new parts) for more information and photos of the components please contact via e-mail. Read more…


Opel Adam R2

€57.000,00 25.04.2018

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  • : +79213406376

Opel Adam R2 for sale Without shock absorbers. Without underbody protection. Set of asphalt brakes and ground. Spare engine without cylinder head. All spare parts inside the gearbox, spare drives. Drive Intermediate Shaft. Spare front swivel fists. Rear hubs and axles. 2 stabilizers rear. 2 stabilizers front. Wheels 4 pcs of ground,16 pcs of asphalt R15 Engine after rebuild 400 km Gearbox after rebuild 0 km Depending on the configuration, the price may change. Read more…